Teach Your Class about Easter Day Knowledge with PowerPoint Courseware

Published: 31st March 2010
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Easter, the greatest feast day in the Christian calendar, celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, falls on April 4, 2010. But for non-Christians, it's a kind of a weird one. This Sunday, people all over the US are going to hunt for colored eggs in their yards that were left there by a rabbit. However, how much do your students know about this holiday? If you are a teacher who wants to deliver the knowledge to them, what can you cover and how can you finish the way(what's the way). Making a PowerPoint courseware about Easter Day can help you teach your class better.
Easter Day colored eggs

What to cover in the PowerPoint courseware about Easter Day:
Some typical topics can be mentioned in the presentation, such as these ones: Easter calendar, Easter Day history, Easter customs (which can includes Easter egg hunt, spring break, etc.), Easter Day celebrations, and Easter Day church. Also, you can integrate some Flash Easter Day quizzes into the presentation to enhance the teaching efficiency.

Steps to create an excellent PowerPoint courseware about Easter Day:
Step1: Make an outline of your PowerPoint courseware. Decide what to mention first, what to mention second, and if any pictures are needed to prepare for the presentation. Consider adding some interactive sessions in it. Making the outline can help you save lots of time when creating the courseware.

Step2: Find a suitable PowerPoint template to emphasize the atmosphere. Search free Easter Day PowerPoint templates in Google and you will get many delicate designed ones.
Easter Day templates

Step3: According to the courseware outline you made, start to make the Easter Day courseware. When you finish adding the content, then you can start to optimize the visual effect of the presentation. Here are some tools in PowerPoint you can use to do this: the Picture Tools, transition effect tools, animation effect tools, Smart Art tools, and ClipArt tools. Preview the whole PowerPoint slideshow by pressing F5. Make some changes if necessary.

Step4: Bring the PowerPoint courseware to your class. Share the knowledge of Easter Day to all. Make discussions and take some interesting quizzes if time permitted.

Besides using the PowerPoint courseware in class, you can also extend the usage of it, such as uploading the presentation as video to your own blog or site for students to review it conveniently. Online study can help students learn better. To do this, you can use this PowerPoint to video converter - Acoolsoft PPT to Video Pro. It helps you convert PowerPoint to video clips easily.

At last, wish you all have a good Easter Day.

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